Safety Links

What to do if a student is injured:

University Safety Manual
The Department of Environmental Health and Safety Homepage
Safety Information for New Faculty and Staff
     •  One page with great links including emergency safety through training and general resources.
Chemical Redistribution
     •  Faculty and staff can redistribute chemicals free of charge. The Chemical Redistribution Program reduces expenses and volumes of chemical waste generated.  Please see the “Chemical Redistribution” section of the EH&S Waste Disposal web page.  See the list of chemicals available.
Chemical Hygiene Training
     •  For the current Chemical Hygiene Training Schedule and online training opportunities.

Chemistry Safety Links

Hazzard Assesment in Research Laboratories – ACS – 2016
Biological Safety for Chemists Overview – 2014
Flame Resistant Laboratory Coat – Information
Fundamentals of Productive Safety Inspections in Academia – Executive Summary 2003
Latex Allergy Information, 98-113 – 
Plastic Syringes
Risk Control in Research – 2014  
Safety Guidelines for CHEMICAL DEMONSTRATIONS – ACS Chem Edu Group – 2016 
U Minn Joint Safety Team

Campus Safety