Gloves – PPE

Gloves do not protect you from exposure to all chemical reagents.

Gloves have specific resistance to chemical reagents. 


98-113 - Latex Allergy-page-001
Latex Allergy Information — NIOSH 
Potential for Sensitization and Possible Allergic Reaction To Natural Rubber Latex Gloves and other Natural Rubber Products — OSHA
Occupational Health & Safety Magazine (OHSonline) has an interesting article about disposable gloves.  

Nitrile Gloves Allergies

EHS TODAY online has 2002 information about “N-DEX® Free” the only disposable rubber glove that can be labeled “non-allergenic”.  
Theories have emerged suggesting possible causes of allergic reactions after wearing nitrile gloves.
More Nitrile Glove Allergy Information: